Property Valuations: Why Choose Homesurv for Residential Valuations

When it comes to understanding the true worth of your property, accurate and professional valuations are vital. Homesurv offers specialised residential valuation services that cater to a wide range of requirements. With over 25 years of expertise, our team of Surveyors and Registered Valuers bring depth, precision, and nuanced understanding to the valuation process.

Our Experience:
With a longstanding presence in Northampton, Peterborough, Huntingdonshire, and Rutland, Homesurv has built a reputation for reliability and excellence in residential property valuations. Our local knowledge is unparalleled, and our experience spans across diverse property types and client needs.

Our Professionalism:
At Homesurv, professionalism is the cornerstone of our service. Each surveyor in our team is not only qualified but operates with the highest standards of professional ethics, ensuring that all valuations are fair, unbiased, and conform to the latest regulations.

Our Services:
We cover a comprehensive range of valuation services for individual homeowners, legal representatives, housing associations, charities, and financial institutions. Our valuations are extensively detailed, reflecting current market trends and providing insights into the property’s best use and potential.

Our Residential Valuation Expertise

  1. Help to Buy Valuations:
    Homesurv aids in compliance assessments for Help to Buy schemes. Whether you are considering equity redemption or selling your property, we ensure that our valuation report fulfils all necessary criteria.
  2. Shared Ownership:
    Housing Associations require a RICS Registered Valuer to provide a valuation prior to sale or showcasing a shared ownership property.
  3. Purchase:
    Before making an investment or purchasing a new home, our clients rely on us for detailed reports that help in making informed decisions.
  4. Probate Valuations:
    In times of bereavement, Homesurv provides sensitive and accurate valuations necessary for probate submissions, aiding in a smoother transition during difficult times.
  5. Matrimonial Valuations:
    We conduct fair and meticulous assessments to support matrimonial proceedings, helping to resolve disputes with clarity and fairness.
  6. Capital Gains Tax Valuations:
    We offer detailed valuations that are crucial for tax calculations, minimising disputes with tax authorities by providing clear and robust valuation documentation.

Specialist Valuation Services

Our expertise also extends to bespoke services tailored for specific client groups:

  • Housing Associations & Registered Social Landlords: Homesurv is adept at valuing properties for portfolio assessment and strategic planning.
  • Charities: We understand the unique requirements of charity-owned property valuations and offer a tailored service that reflects the charitable status and usage.
  • Extra Care Retirement Schemes: Recognising the complex needs of retirement communities, we provide valuations that consider both immediate and future planning requirements.
  • Expert Witness Services: Our valuers are well-equipped to provide professional witness services in legal proceedings, standing by our valuations with evidence-based testimony.

Our Process

  1. Enquiry and Instruction:
    Clients can begin by downloading a sample valuation from our website to understand the structure and comprehensiveness of our reports.
  2. Inspection:
    A thorough inspection of the property is conducted at a time that suits you, adhering to all necessary health and safety protocols.
  3. Report:
    Our valuation reports are detailed, clear, and delivered within an agreed timeframe, allowing you to proceed with confidence in your property-related endeavours.
  4. Aftercare:
    Homesurv believes in service beyond the report. We remain available for any follow-up advice or clarification needed post-valuation.

Get in Touch

Whether you are an individual, a legal representative, or a corporation, Homesurv is equipped to provide you with valuation services that stand up to scrutiny and facilitate your objectives. Our commitment to excellence and our clients’ needs makes us a preferred choice in our serviced areas.

For a consultation or to learn more about how we can assist with your property valuation needs, please contact us. Let Homesurv be the foundation upon which you make your most important property decisions